Chapter delegate information

Chapter Delegates Meeting purpose

The Chapter Delegates Meeting is an event that brings together representatives from GCSAA-affiliated chapters. Delegates carry the opinions of their chapters’ members regarding initiatives and issues affecting the profession, the association and its members to this meeting. In addition, they are responsible for communicating information they receive at the meeting to their chapter. Finally, this meeting is also the beginning of a new election year, as delegates meet GCSAA board candidates and discuss their campaign platforms.

According to Section IV.G. of the Affiliation Agreement, “A Chapter representative shall attend the annual Chapter Delegates meeting unless otherwise approv by the Chapter Relations Committee. If an affiliated chapter fails to send a representative, who is a member of the chapter, to the Chapter Delegates Meeting for two consecutive years, the chapter delegate’s right to vote at the next annual meeting shall be suspended. A letter will be sent to all eligible voting members of the chapter, notifying them that their chapter lost its privilege to vote on behalf of its members at the annual meeting.”

Chapter Delegates Meeting composition

Participants in the Chapter Delegates Meeting include one representative from each GCSAA-affiliated chapter, the GCSAA Board of Directors, GCSAA board candidates and GCSAA department leaders and key staff.

Responsibilities of the chapter delegate

It is highly recommended that the chapter delegate be an engaged chapter member who is a GCSAA Class A or Superintendent Member in good standing.
  • Meet with your predecessor to learn about the roles and responsibilities of the chapter delegate
  • Identify and use the most effective methods for communicating information with your chapter leaders and members throughout the year. Examples include: presentations at chapter meetings and events, newsletter articles, website postings and/or special e-mail communications.
  • If you are a first time delegate, it is important for you to participate in a chapter delegate webcast and/or orientation session to help acclimate yourself to your role as chapter delegate.
  • Openly express your chapter members’ viewpoints and ideas during the meeting discussions.
  • Meet the GCSAA board candidates, ask questions and take that information back to your chapter.
  • Synthesize the information learned at the Chapter Delegates Meeting and present it in a concise format to chapter leaders and members. You may wish to print an article provided by GCSAA in your chapter’s publication that captures the outcomes of the meeting. GCSAA also provides full meeting outcomes for your reference.
  • Participate actively on the delegates listserve throughout the year and share the views and concerns of your chapter’s leaders and members with GCSAA board members or staff.

GCSAA elections

Each year, several elections take place during the annual meeting at the GCSAA Education Conference and Golf Industry Show. At the annual meeting, GCSAA voting members elect a new association president, vice president, secretary/treasurer and directors. The offices of president, vice president and secretary/treasurer are one-year terms, while directors serve two-year terms.

Part of the preparation for this meeting is to ensure each chapter’s voting roster is up-to-date. Delegates can do this by visiting the chapter voting roster portal. You can make additions/deletions to your roster from this portal. It will also show you who we have on file as your voting delegate and alternate.

Bylaws amendments

During some election years, proposed bylaws amendments may be placed on the ballot. These proposed amendments, if approved, change the language of GCSAA's bylaws (the association's governing document). Bylaw amendments must be approved by a two-thirds majority of those whose ballots are cast either through individual votes, proxy votes or a chapter voting delegate.

Other ballot issues, such as a proposed dues increase, require a majority vote to pass and become enacted.

Members' voting rights

All GCSAA Class A, Superintendent Member, AA, A-Retired and Superintendent Member – Retired in good standing are eligible to vote at the annual meeting and election. GCSAA Bylaws stipulate that any GCSAA voting member has the choice of casting a ballot in GCSAA’s annual election in one of the following ways:

  • Individually
  • By proxy (vote cast by another individual member)
  • With affiliated chapter (vote cast by chapter delegate as part of the chapter voting block.)

If you have questions regarding the election process or voting options, please contact Scott Woodhead.

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Questions? Contact Leann Cooper, senior manager, chapter relations