Risk Management and Communication for Golf Course Superintendents

This course focuses on the identification, prioritization, management and communication of risks associated with golf course operations. Learn and practice the discipline of risk management using a five-step process. Learn about the complexities and sensitivities of communicating with neighbors and community groups about risks relating to the golf course. Develop procedures to proactively identify and address concerns to help prevent environmental issues from galvanizing the community against your golf course. Gain knowledge and skills to develop a risk communication plan for your community and golf course and learn techniques for communicating with the media.

In this course, you will complete several exercises practicing the risk assessment process as well as the process of developing a risk communication strategy and plan. After completing this course, you should be able to implement a proactive risk management plan and communication plan.

These tools are not intended to be a substitute for sound legal advice or the expertise of an experienced golf insurance broker. They are, however, a useful primer for beginning the process of identifying and reducing risk, and as a guide to formulating a risk management plan.

Course modules

This course contains two chapters; both featuring a chapter outline and learning objectives, in-depth reading material, supporting narrative audio, and interactive practice and review. Each chapter is divided into sections, so there is no need to complete the entire course, or even one chapter, in a sitting.

The chapters for the course are as follows:

Chapter 1: Risk Assessment and Management
Chapter 2: Risk Communication

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