Help with login issues

If you are having trouble logging into the site, the most likely cause is an old "cookie" from the previous GCSAA website that is saved on your computer. At the same time, other temporary Internet files from the old website may also cause problems in viewing the new site. In most cases, removing these will resolve any issues.

How to delete cookies and temporary Internet files

Different browsers have different ways of removing cookies and other temporary Internet files. Once you have deleted the files, close your browser window and open a new one before attempting to log into again.

Please choose your browser for more information:

Additional information for Internet Explorer 8 and newer versions

For users of Internet Explorer, starting in version 8, there is an option to preserve "Favorite" website data. By default, this option is checked and could be preventing you from removing the old site files and cookies from your machine.

Instructions for unchecking Favorite website data box

If you continue to have problems logging in after you have deleted your cookies and temporary Internet files, and you have opened a new browser, please contact us at or call our IT hotline at 785-832-4417 for further assistance (8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Central time).


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