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Arysta LifeScience

Based in Cary, North Carolina, Arysta LifeScience North America turf and ornamentals is part of a global organization, committed to continuous innovation and developing leading-edge chemicals supported by independent research, for dependable solutions each time they are applied. Our products provide superior performance, broad-spectrum activity, and long-lasting control, and we will continue to invest in new technologies to meet emerging agronomic needs.

Our turf products are designed to be both effective and environmentally sound for professional management use on golf courses, landscapes, sod production, and sports turf facilities.

ALOFT ® Insecticide is the only product that combines the advanced, preventive and systemic activity of clothianidin, for season-long control of all white grubs, with the quick knockdown activity of bifenthrin on all major early-season adults and surface feeders. ALOFT can be applied preventively, for season-long control, or curatively in the fall as a “rescue” grub treatment. Used either way, ALOFT provides complete insect control in one convenient premix.

Extensive university trials and use on working golf courses have proven that DISARM® Fungicide provides unsurpassed strobilurin disease control. And because it’s priced at a more affordable cost per acre than competitive strobilurins, you can apply DISARM on fairways and greens throughout your entire golf course. Used alone or in combination with other non-strobilurin fungicides, DISARM controls all major turfgrass diseases, including brown patch, zoysia patch, summer patch, gray leaf spot, anthracnose and pythium. Plus, DISARM is the only strobilurin labeled for control of light-to-moderate infestations of dollar spot.

And Arysta now offers new DISARM ® G Fungicide granules to fit your granular application requirements.

New DISARM ® C is the first and only strobilurin and chlorothalonil premix fungicide, providing the complete turf fungicide package for total disease control. It is the only product that combines the systemic, preventive strobilurin activity of fluoxastrobin with the proven contact activity of chlorothalonil. DISARM C provides the broadest spectrum, unsurpassed protection against thirty widely prevalent diseases, plus two proven modes of activity on dollar spot. The combination of fluoxastrobin and chlorothalonil in one product provides a built-in resistance management strategy while enhancing the activity of each active ingredient against turf pathogens. There is simply no easier, more cost efficient, or worry-free way to protect your entire golf course from diseases.

In addition to GCSAA Silver Partnership status, Arysta LifeScience is a member of RISE, and is actively engaged in supporting national and local industry organizations and concerns that are essential to the success of golf course superintendents.