Bio-nutrition and Elicitors: Are They For Real?

Roch Gaussoin

Bio-nutrition, in its simplest form, is the enhancement of beneficial organisms in the soil to facilitate nutrient availability and uptake. Potential benefits may include reduced nutrient inputs and/or tapping into “labile” nutrients from organic matter accumulated in the soil. While the increased effectiveness of fertility when soils are well aerated with good drainage is well documented, less is known about direct application of microbes and their metabolites to enhance fertilizer efficiency.

Elicitors are defined as molecules that stimulate plant defense mechanisms. Elicitors that have been identified include phytoalexins, specific amines or amino acids, carboxylic acids, cytokinin, phosphites, silicon, glycoproteins and oligosaccharides, peptides, jasmonic acid, salicylic acid, sugar analogs and others. Many are produced in the plant and may sometimes be limiting under abiotic and biotic stress conditions.

Currently, there are numerous products marketed to golf course superintendents that contain, or are advertised to contain, various elicitors. In this webcast, Roch Gaussoin, Ph.D., will address the concept of both bio-nutrition and elicitors, as well as their place in turfgrass management.

Original presentation date: March 2011


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