Professional presentations guide

A comprehensive guide to improving your public speaking skills

As professionals, superintendents communicate with diverse audiences and speak at various functions. Whether it’s an informal budget report to your employer or the green committee, a program presented at a chapter meeting or GCSAA student chapter group, or a formal presentation to a community organization, public speaking is an important professional skill.

Like any other professional skill, these skills are learned and perfected through experience and practice -- not many people are born gifted public speakers. This comprehensive guide walks you through the entire process of delivering a presentation, from how to organize it, to using your body language to drive home your message.

Basic tips offered in the guide:

  • Observe good speakers and model their techniques
  • Strengthen your vocabulary by reading good literature
  • Read a variety of periodicals (news, science) to keep abreast of current events
  • Utilize the dictionary and thesaurus
  • Practice, practice, practice
  • Practice writing to help organize your thoughts
  • Rehearse in front of a practice audience or a video recorder
  • Speak at every available opportunity

Topics covered in the guide:

  • Preparing to speak
  • Outlining the presentation
  • Organizing the presentation
  • Making time for questions and answers
  • Dealing with stage fright
  • Working with visual aids
  • Handling handouts
  • Delivering the presentation