2015 GCSAA Compensation and Benefits Report

Get detailed information on salaries and benefits, as well as bonus criteria and crew wages.


To access the report, you must have participated in the survey or purchased online access to the results.

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About the Compensation and Benefits Report

Every other year, GCSAA conducts a comprehensive study of the compensation, benefits and operations of its superintendent members. In 2015, a total of 3,565 superintendents participated in the 2015 Compensation and Benefits Survey. The survey data is presented in the Compensation and Benefits Report and represents the average, mean and percentile of reported salaries of superintendents across the country.

Salary information is broken down by state and metro area, as well as by facility demographics, including facility type, number of holes and annual maintenance budget. Additional information on fringe benefits, insurance and bonuses is also provided. In short, the report provides an in-depth look at the compensation and benefits superintendents receive across towns, across the state and across the country.

The Compensation and Benefits Survey and Report help fulfill a key expectation of an association, which is to maintain data about the profession being served. The report helps GCSAA learn demographic details about the profession. These details can be shared with various constituencies, used to advocate on behalf of the profession and reveal trends in salaries across the country. They also identify the types of additional benefits superintendents are receiving or lacking.

How the report can be used

The Compensation and Benefits Report is a useful tool to determine whether your compensation is in line with your peers at similar facilities in your region. The report can be very helpful when you are in an annual review or a discussion of pay increases with your employer. Or, if you are asked to take a salary or benefits cut, it can let your employer know the level of sacrifice you are making.

The report is most valuable when used as a communication tool to begin discussions – not as just a collection of numbers. When you present the material as a whole picture of superintendents in your area, everyone has a clearer picture and a better opportunity for successful negotiations.

How to get the report

To view the 2015 Compensation and Benefits Report, you must be logged in and have participated in the survey. Participants may also order a printed copy of the report for $25 (to cover printing and shipping).

GCSAA members who did not participate in the survey may purchase online access to the results for $125, or online access and a printed version for $150. Non-members may purchase a printed copy for $525. To order, contact GCSAA at 800-472-7878.