Maintain your Class A status

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To maintain your Class A status, ongoing requirements must be met within a five-year cycle. (The cycle begins the day you become a Class A member.)


During that time, you must earn a total of 5 points, with a minimum of 3 points in continuing education. The remaining 2 points can be earned through continuing education and/or golf-centric service point activities. You must also maintain a current pesticide license or complete the IPM exam during each renewal cycle.

Please keep in mind that only points attained during the time that your Class A status is 'active' -- will count toward your Class A renewal requirements. 

Keep your account current

View your My Profile page to keep your membership up-to-date. Your Class A transcript will reflect your renewal cycle dates and show you a breakdown of your earned education and service points.

Consider certification

Class A membership is just one of the qualifications needed to attain the designation of Certified Golf Course Superintendent. GCSAA offers professional certification programs for members interested in attaining certified golf course superintendent (CGCS) status. Learn more about earning your CGCS designation.