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Enter your facility information into golf specific ADA database

by Government Affairs Team | Sep 30, 2019

The National Alliance for Accessible Golf has a link to the National Alliance for Accessible Golf search engine database for facilities, programs and instructors on its website whereby golf course superintendents can enter accessibility related information into the database for their golf facility. 

This search engine enables individuals with disabilities to find facilities that welcome and are accessible for individuals with disabilities, golf programs that serve those individuals and instructors that instruct and develop those individuals into the game of golf. 

If your golf facility offers accessible programs or services, or if you know of facilities, programs or instructors, your help in populating this database with facility, program and/or instructor contacts will help individuals across the country seeking avenues to enjoy our sport – golf.

The National Alliance for Accessible Golf was formed in 2001 to be the golf industry alliance providing resources, education, training, advocacy, and funding for the inclusion of individuals with disabilities into the game of golf. Supported by the Allied Association of Golf, individuals from the medical and therapeutic arena and individuals who advocate for accessibility and inclusion, the National Alliance has as its mission to ensure the opportunity for individuals with disabilities to be able to experience the game of golf.

GCSAA has been a long standing member of the National Alliance for Accessible Golf. Chava McKeel, government affairs director, currently serves on the board of directors and talks monthly with Alliance members to identify ways to make the game of golf more inclusive. If you have any ideas how to move forward in this important focus area as an industry, please reach out to Chava directly at (800) 472-7878, ext. 3619.