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Shane Conroy

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A former assistant golf course superintendent, Shane joined the GCSAA staff in 2015. He resides in Chicago, Ill.
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Field staff report


by Shane Conroy | Jun 03, 2020


From the time I was 16 to my first assistant position after graduating college, I worked at five golf courses for five superintendents across three states. Each superintendent had different management styles, unique agronomic plans, and taught me valuable skills which shaped me personally and professionally. While I learned countless lessons and made some of their days more difficult than they had planned, the main characteristics I discovered from each of them is that hard work, commitment, and perseverance will always set you up for success.

The three traits these individuals share is by no means limited to just them. I am yet to meet a superintendent who does not own these qualities or who isn’t 100 percent fully committed to their job at hand. Superintendents are some of the most resourceful and creative individuals out there. Their ability to overcome obstacles is second to none.

Around the Great Lakes region this past May, I think this was more evident than ever before. As many golf courses across the region and country continue to struggle with reduced staff and burdens brought forth from COVID-19, superintendents continue to deliver first-class playing conditions.

Oh, and did I forget to mention the weather? As record-setting rainfall in May of 2018 plagued much of the Great Lakes region, many superintendents received even more precipitation in May of 2019. A respite was not to be found in May of 2020 either. After back-to-back years of record setting precipitation levels, a third straight rain-drenched May seemed unlikely, but Mother Nature let us know once again who is in charge. Much of the region broke rainfall levels for the third year running, in arguably the most critical month of the year for superintendents as they prepare golf courses – and grass maintained at less than one-tenth inch – for the brutal summer season.

With countless communication avenues including Twitter, email, text messages and everything in between, I didn’t hear one superintendent complain. Far from it. I heard superintendents discuss the opportunities to improve drainage, train staff, allow plant protectants to be watered in naturally, improve the maintenance facility, and countless other tasks that were able to be completed due to rain events.

We have no idea what May of 2021 will look like, but if the old stock market saying of ‘the trend is your friend’ holds any weight, we might be in for another soggy spring. Regardless if we are bone dry or soaked to the bone, superintendents certainly have a plan in plan in place for any scenario and will do what they always do: work hard, commit, persevere and overcome any obstacles thrown their way – all before the sun comes up.



  • Bradley J Bednarski, Class EM, Lake Forest
  • Zeke Bochenek, Class AF, Chicago
  • Gerardo Contreras, Class EM, Winnetka
  • Kai E Jacobs, Class C, Jacksonville
  • Brandon Kohley, Class SW, Homer Glen
  • Brian D Kolar, Class EM, Romeoville
  • John C Nugent, Class B, Channahon


  • Matthew Hession, Class C, Indianapolis
  • William R Hoke, Class EM, Indianapolis
  • Matthew A McIntyre, Class C, Bristol
  • Brock Neff, Class SW, W Lafayette
  • Chad W Smith, Class C, Fishers


  • Tyler Goss, Class SW, East Lansing
  • Aaron M Herman, Class SW, East Lansing
  • Andrew A Hovsepian, Class SW, East Lansing
  • Ryan Maxwell, Class B, Livonia
  • Matthew Simonson, Class SW, Howell


  • Mitchell L Cofer, Class SW, Dublin
  • Tyler M Payne, Class C, Dayton
  • John C Prusa, Class AF, Stow
  • Arthur E Rhoades, Class EM, Sylvania
  • Dan G Stauffer, Class C, Canton
  • Tyler S Topp, Class SW, Kettering
  • Christopher White, Class C, New Albany


  • Jake R Ertel, Class C, Thiensville
  • Dominic A Frese, Class B, Racine
  • Joey T Peterson, Class SW, Menomonie
  • Michael A Stachowicz, Class EM, Green Bay
  • Matthew T Statz, Class C, Middleton


  • Charles W Anfield CGCS, formerly (A) at Heritage Bluffs Public Golf Club, is now (A) at Prestwick Country Club in Frankfort


  • Robert J Kowatch, formerly (A) at The Bridgewater Club, is now (A) at Meshingomesia Golf & Social Club in Marion


  • Michael B Sanders Jr, formerly (SW) at Louisville Country Club, is now (SW) at Louisville Country Club in Louisville


  • Thomas Collins, formerly (A) at World of Golf, is now (A) at The Camargo Club in Cincinnati
  • Ryan Fleming, formerly (B) at Hamilton Elks Golf Club, is now (B) at Miami View Golf Course in Cleves
  • Jack C Hutchison, formerly (B) at Trumbull Country Club, is now (AS) at Trumbull Country Club in Warren
  • James R Lynn, formerly (C) at Crooked Stick Golf Club, is now (B) at Columbus Country Club in Columbus


  • Jeremy D Dahl, formerly (C) at The Club at Strawberry Creek, is now (B) at Johnson Park Golf Course in Racine
  • Brett Morris, formerly (C) at Hawk's View Golf Club, is now (B) at Browns Lake Golf Course in Burlington
  • Matt R Smith, formerly (C) at Sentryworld Golf Course, is now (B) at Sentryworld Golf Course in Stevens Point
  • Adam C Wepfer, formerly (C) at Bishops Bay Country Club, is now (B) at Bishops Bay Country Club in Waunakee

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