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Before joining the GCSAA staff, John Walker was a superintendent, 30-year GCSAA member and past GCSAA board director.
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A Time for Thanks

by Johnny Walker | Nov 25, 2019

The holiday season is definitely upon us with Thanksgiving this week. I remember when I was a superintendent. What a tough week this was! You only had three days to make everything perfect that would normally take five or six days to accomplish.

Hopefully, everyone will get their chores done and have time to spend with family and friends this year. When you take the time to give thanks for the things in your life, be sure to include GCSAA on your list. I have been in this industry for over 30 years and there have been a lot of changes, for the good, for the golf course superintendent. There are so many things that GCSAA has accomplished to help our careers that most members are not aware.

Obviously salaries have increased with time but so has the stature of our roles at the golf facility. GCSAA has worked hard for many years to increase the professionalism of our jobs. The government affairs team works everyday to make sure legislation does not negatively affect all golf courses in this industry.

The communications from GCSAA to our members keeps us all informed every week. For those members that still think a magazine is all GCSAA has to offer, I encourage you to reach out to any engaged member for a discussion on what GCSAA membership means to them and how are association works everyday to better the profession we chose. There are so many things in our lives that we should be thankful for this week and every week, let's not forget the association that works for us everyday of the year. 




  • James T Hammock, Class C, Fayetteville


  • James T Hannah, Class S, Stillwater
  • Dalton Parker, Class C, Kingfisher


  • Tyler D Bryson, Class SW, Stephenville
  • Benjamin R Greulich, Class C, Dallas
  • Riley M Mullins, Class C, Columbus
  • Dan Tharp, Class C, Granbury


  • Terry V Todd, formerly (A) at Stone Canyon Club, is now (A) at Green Tree Country Club in Midland


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