Planning calendar

12 months of serving your chapter

While no two GCSAA-affiliated chapters are exactly alike, there are duties and deadlines the leaders of every chapter are responsible throughout the year to keep their organizations running smoothly. Here is month-by-month rundown of deadlines and the board member usually responsible for that duty where applicable.


  • Begin gathering annual affiliation reporting requirements for March 31 deadline (president, secretary and treasurer)
  • Register for the GCSAA Chapter Leaders/Executives Symposium (vice president)
  • Register for the Chapter Executives and Chapter Editors Sessions at the GCSAA Education Conference and Golf Industry Show (newsletter editor)


Golf Industry Show

  • Chapter Executives Session
  • Chapter Editors Session (newsletter editor)


  • Annual affiliation reporting requirements are due (president, secretary and treasurer)
  • Directors and officers liability insurance policies renew (March 1) (treasurer)
  • Chapter Leaders/Executives Symposium (vice president)


  • Directors and officers liability insurance invoices mail (for those chapters participating in the GCSAA insurance program) (treasurer)


  • Submit nominations for GCSAA Board of Directors candidates (immediate past president)


  • Submit GCSAA Scholars Competition applications


  • Nominations for the GCSAA Board of Directors due (immediate past president)


  • Register attendee for Chapter Delegates Meeting (president or other delegate)
  • Appoint your chapter’s voting delegate and voting alternate (due Oct. 1) (president)




  • General liability insurance invoices mail to those chapters participating in the GCSAA program (treasurer)


  • General liability insurance policies renew (Dec. 1) (treasurer)
  • Voting rosters mailed to chapters
  • RSVP mails for chapter events at the Golf Industry Show

Recurring items and ongoing annual events

  • 60 days in advance – Plan an ON DEMAND webcast to view at a chapter meeting
  • Review monthly membership and certification reports in Chapter Connection and update chapter records as needed
  • One week following your chapter’s election of officers and directors – Submit the chapter leadership update form to GCSAA
  • Schedule a strategic planning session (president)
  • Annually review the chapter bylaws and the GCSAA Affiliation Agreement to ensure the chapter’s bylaws are in compliance (president)
  • Ensure elections are held for all board positions, and that GCSAA is notified of these changes as well as updates to liaisons and newsletter editor. Complete this chapter leadership update form to submit changes.
  • Appoint members to serve on chapter committees (president)
  • Develop a calendar of events prior to the new year and distribute it to members (vice president)
  • Maintain the chapter’s bylaws, articles of incorporation, standing rules of membership and other governance documents (secretary)
  • Notify GCSAA when new members join (secretary)