Annual reporting requirements

Annual affiliation reporting requirements are due March 31

  • An affiliation checklist of annual reporting requirements details the items that must be completed and submitted to GCSAA. Online and print versions are available.
  • One item within the checklist is an annual report of association activities. Online and print versions are available.
  • A financial summary is also required, if your chapter has less than $50,000 in annual gross revenue. Online and print versions are available. Before completing this form, you may wish to review this sample.


Chapters must also purchase directors and officers liability insurance and general liability insurance. Chapters that own property, such as an office building or equipment are also required to carry property coverage as part of their general liability insurance policy. GCSAA administers a program that provides policy coverage at an average annual cost of $1,100. For more information about this program, please contact Leann Cooper.

Affiliation agreement

GCSAA currently has an affiliation with 98 chapters. The chapter affiliation agreement outlines the responsibilities and privileges that chapters receive from their affiliation with GCSAA. Print and complete your agreement here.

Chapter bylaws

Does your chapter need to revise its bylaws? You are required to submit the proposed amendments to GCSAA for review. To submit proposed bylaws revisions, please contact Leann Cooper.

To comply with the chapter affiliation agreement, it is required that chapter bylaws and GCSAA are consistent in the areas of classifications for A, B and C members, the dual membership requirement, and the composition of chapter officers and boards of directors. Your chapter may wish to write this sample language into its bylaws to comply with these areas.