What to include in your chapter's frame of reference

A board handbook will guide your chapter’s leaders in understanding association policy and procedures. It serves as a frame of reference and an orientation guide to the roles and responsibilities of various leadership positions. What should be included in a board handbook? Here are some suggestions:

Section I. Organizing and Governing the Association

A. Articles of Incorporation
B. Bylaws
C. Policy Manual
D. Legal Requirements
E. Insurance Policies (covers association and board liability)
F. Officer and Director Roles and Responsibilities
G. History of Chapter Information
H. Annual Calendar of Events
I. Annual Report

Section II. Planning and Goal Setting

A. Strategic Plan – includes mission statement and vision statement
B. Value Statements (core principles)
C. Member Needs Assessment Tool and Results

Section III. Decision Making/Problem Solving

A. Meeting Agendas (board, committee and chapter)
B. Decision Making Process
C. Statement of Confidentiality
D. Board and Chapter Executive Contracts

Section IV. Financial Management

A. Budget
B. Monthly Financial Report
C. Audit Report
D. Investment Policies

Section V. Community Relations

A. Interview and Media Preparedness
B. Key Contacts in Allied Associations and the Industry
C. Key Legislative Contacts

Section VI. Board/Staff Development

A. Roles and Responsibilities of the Board
B. Procedures for Monitoring Board, Committee and Staff Performance
C. Board and Staff Training Opportunities (include information on value of memberships in ASAE – American Society of Association Executives – and others)
D. Roster of Board Members and Staff (include spouse contact information)