Chapters and Liability Insurance

One of the requirements for affiliation with GCSAA is that chapters must carry two liability insurance policies.

Directors and officers liability insurance

The first policy is directors and officers liability insurance. If your chapter participates in the GCSAA-sponsored insurance program, your treasurer will received an invoice in the mail for the renewal of this policy. (A copy of the invoice is also mailed to your chapter president and executive). This policy renews March 1 of each year. The average premium paid by chapters in this program is $680.

General/property liability insurance

The second policy is for general/property liability insurance. This policy covers office equipment and property owned by your association. Chapters that do not own property, such as an office building or equipment, are only required to carry general liability insurance coverage on this particular policy. It also provides liability coverage for association-sponsored events. This policy renews in November of each year. The invoices for this policy are usually mailed in December. The average premium for chapters who carry both general and property liability insurance coverage on this policy is $500. The average premium for chapters who carry only property liability insurance coverage on this policy is $425.

Chapters that participate in the GCSAA-sponsored insurance program should plan to budget about $1,800 per year for insurance coverage.

GCSAA works with its insurance carriers to provide a competitive insurance rate. However, please keep in mind that your chapter always has the option of purchasing insurance through another company. If you have any questions regarding liability insurance, please contact Leann Cooper at 800-472-7878, ext. 3648.