Serving shared members

Together, affiliated chapters and GCSAA serve shared members. This partnership allows both associations to focus on supporting members in areas such as:

  • Career success
  • Having access to numerous professional development opportunities
  • Offering education, resources and networking opportunities to add value to their position and facility

Members must be able to clearly identify the role that their local chapter plays, the role that their regional or state organization plays, and the role that their national organization plays. They must be assured that they can expect to receive the level of service and programs they need from each of these organizations to be successful in their careers.

The local chapter is where a member should experience networking and camaraderie, and participate in educational opportunities.

The regional or state association should provide a network that brings together members and leaders for common purposes. It should offer programs and services.

GCSAA should provide a higher level of resources, programs and services, and advocate for the best interests of the golf course management profession.