Advanced Principles of Insect Pest Management

This course defines integrated pest management (IPM), and explains the steps for developing and implementing an IPM plan. It describes various management tools related to cultural, biological and chemical controls. Using several monitoring techniques and record-keeping tools, learn to forecast insect pest outbreaks to develop a more efficient IPM program.

Learn to identify common beneficial insects that prey upon turfgrass insect pests as well as factors to consider when selecting a pesticide. Discover the differences in new insecticides. Learn pest management strategies for handling multiple pest species. While this course focuses on insect pests, information is included to help address turf diseases and weeds.

Upon completion of the course, participants will have developed an outline for their own IPM plan.

Course modules

This course contains two chapters each featuring a chapter outline, learning objectives, in-depth reading material, interactive reviews, and superior photos and illustrations. Each chapter is broken down into a number of sections, so there's no need to complete the entire course or even one chapter in a sitting.

Chapter 1: Concepts of IPM
Chapter 2: Matching IPM to the Environment

Target audience

Who should take this course: golf course superintendents, assistants, technicians, agronomy and horticulture students, grounds managers, turf industry professional or anyone who desires a better understanding of turfgrass insect pests.

Created with:

Rick Brandenburg, Ph.D., North Carolina State University

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