Remodeling 101: Why Remodel? Examining and Evaluating Your Facility

GCSAA has teamed with the American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA) to create two courses. Remodeling University is designed to educate golf course decision-makers on the basics of course remodeling, including budgeting, the planning process, and the roles and responsibilities of those involved.

Remodeling 101, the first in this series, will lead you through a process of evaluating your facility to determine if it's time for you to remodel, renovate or restore your golf course. These modules will provide you with the steps involved in the remodeling process.

This course includes audio clips from Bill Love, ASGCA past president, and Pete Dye, GCSAA's 2003 Old Tom Morris Award Winner and past president of ASGCA. To make the most of this learning experiences, students should us a computer with a sound card and speakers (or headphones).

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify four reasons why a golf course should be remodeled.
  2. Explain the three factors that affect a decision to renovate a golf course.
  3. Describe the initial steps in planning a remodeling project.

The follow-up modules further explain the remodeling process and include:

Remodeling 201: Preparing, Packaging and Implementing a Renovation Project

Remodeling 101 modules

For your convenience, this course has been divided into four sections that you access as individual modules.

Section 1: Remodeling and Renovations
Section 2: When is it Time to Remodel?
Section 3: Factors Surrounding Your Decision
Section 4: Identify the Need to Renovate

Target audience

Who should take this course: golf course superintendents, owners, managers, and other decision-makers, grounds managers or anyone who desires a better understanding of the golf course remodeling process.

Created with:

The American Society of Golf Course Architects


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