Recycling a central part of golf's sustainability efforts

America Recycles Day Nov. 15

Programs such as America Recycles Day encourage people and businesses to take a look at their recycling practices and learn more about what can be done in their communities. GCSAA member golf course superintendents and the facilities they manage often recycle. They know that maintaining green spaces vital to their communities means not wasting important resources. That is why recycling efforts are frequently part of the year-round management plans at many golf facilities.

Golf facilities not only frequently recycle common items such as aluminum cans or paper products, but they also expand their programs to include items more specific to golf operations. Composting of clippings and other organic materials is commonplace. Some courses reuse the cooking oils used in their clubhouse operations to power maintenance vehicles. Golf courses have a track record of using recycled or effluent water as a source of irrigation. Approximately 12% of golf courses nationally report using recycled/effluent water, while in the arid southwest, 37% are estimated to use this resource for irrigation.

As GCSAA research shows, golf facilities participate in a wide variety of recycling efforts:

Golf Course Recycling Larger View

GCSAA provides its members with tools and resources to help with their recycling programs and to help educate golfers and the public about sustainability efforts on the course. GCSAA's philanthropic arm is the Environment Institute for Golf. Visit for more information on how the EIFG sustainability through research, awareness, education, programs and scholarships for the benefit of golf course management professionals, golf facilities and the game.