Having issues using the remember password feature?

Here are the more common reasons issues arise when using the remember password feature.

  • If you have cleared your browser cookies you have also cleared the cookie that saves your login information.
  • If you have switched from one browser to another (for example, you saved your password in Internet Explorer and later opened the site in Firefox) your log in information will not be saved.
  • If you have saved your password on one computer and later opened the site on another computer -- your log in information would not be saved.
  • Your browser's security settings may not allow cookies to be saved - you will need to check your settings and adjust as appropriate.
  • Your browser may be configured to delete cookies upon closing - which would cause your log in information to not be saved.
  • If you have logged out of the home page, that will remove the "remember password" feature from your cookies and require you to log in on the next visit.

If you have any further issues please contact us at 800-472-7878 or by email.