FAQs about the new GCSAA website

Answers to the most frequent questions asked by members

The first phase of GCSAA's new website launched June 4. To help users navigate the redesign and troubleshoot difficulties, here is a list of the most frequently asked questions about the new site:

I’ve had trouble logging in – what do I do?

For most users, deleting their cookies and temporary Internet files has resolved any problems with logging into the new site, as well as the new discussion forums. If you are unsure how to do this, browser-specific instructions are available in the Help section and from the home page of the website. If you are still experiencing difficulty, we encourage you to contact webstaff@gcsaa.org, and a member of the technology team will be in touch with you.

Why do I have to log in multiple times?

The main GCSAA website and the forums area operate essentially as two separate websites, each with its own codebase and personalized profiles. To minimize the inconvenience, we have set it up so your GCSAA login information works for both areas, but you do have to log into each of them separately. We hope to develop a universal login for both areas in the future.

Why am I brought back to the old site for some items? And then I have to login again?

What you see on the new website represents the first phase of the redesign. As part of this project, the entire site is being rebuilt piece by piece. In this next phase, GCSAA will begin redeveloping the data-driven applications such as the transcript feature, membership directory and job board. In this interim period, you’ll be brought to the old site for any interactive applications that have not yet been rebuilt.

Because the old site still operates as a stand-alone website, you will be asked to log in there if you’re accessing a members-only feature, such as the job board.

Why haven’t you updated all the links on the old website?

The old site was left intact for members who frequently referenced particular pages or had certain items in their bookmarks. In this way, we could keep content easily accessible and give members more time to become familiar with the new site’s structure and navigation.

Are the old forums still available?

Yes, all the forums were archived in a read-only format. You can find them on the old site at www2.gcsaa.org. They are still a members-only feature, so you will need to log in to access them.

Why does my username display in the forums instead of my real name?

The software is designed by default to show your username, or “handle.” Currently, there aren’t any available modifications to pull your real name instead of the username, but this is at the top of our list of desired forum modifications. Given the benefits of these forums vs. the older product, we didn't want to hold up the launch for this feature. In the meantime, we hope everyone will take advantage of the signature (and avatar) options.

I have a question about the site – what should I do?

If you have a question that would benefit other members as well, we encourage you to use the “Website – Help and Feedback” area on the forums. If your question is more specific, please don’t hesitate to contact us at webstaff@gcsaa.org or call GCSAA for assistance. You can also find a staff contacts list in the “Contact us” page of the site.