Common questions about the site


I forgot my username and/or password. Can GCSAA get it for me?

You can update your membership information by contacting GCSAA Member/Customer Solutions by calling (800) 472-7878 or by email and have it updated.


I never received my password as an email. Why not?

Most likely your spam blockers are at work. If you did NOT receive a message, after requesting a new password, that stated, "your email address does not match the one we have on file", then check your email/spam settings. You may need to contact your email provider for specific instructions. If you did receive that message, contact Member/Customer Solutions at 800-472-7878 or update your profile here.


My username and password aren't working, what should I do?

  1. Remember that the username and password are case sensitive and you should make sure your CAPS LOCK button isn't selected on your keyboard before logging into the site.
  2. If you continue to experience problems using the site, contact

Why won't the site remember my password?

  • If you have cleared your browser cookies you have also cleared the cookie that saves your login information.
  • If you have switched from one browser to another (for example, you saved your password in Internet Explorer and later opened the site in Firefox) your log in information will not be saved.
  • If you have saved your password on one computer and later opened the site on another computer -- your log in information would not be saved.
  • Your browser's security settings may not allow cookies to be saved - you will need to check your settings and adjust as appropriate.
  • Your browser may be configured to delete cookies upon closing - which would cause your log in information to not be saved.
  • If you have logged out of the home page, that will remove the "remember password" feature from your cookies and require you to log in on the next visit.

If you are still having issues with the site remembering your password, please contact us at 800-472-7878 or via email.


Site access and/or log in issues

I am unable to access the web site. What should I do?

There are several things you can check:

  • Are you typing your username and password in correctly?
  • Try deleting your temporary Internet files and cookies.
  • Are you an affiliate member? If so, you must be the company contact in order to register. Please contact GCSAA Member/Customer Solutions at 800-472-7878, if you are and would like to register. Please make sure you register using your individual member ID numbers and not the company's member number as our system will no longer accept them.

I have access to the members only features of the Web site, but I cannot access the Forums. Why not?

Most likely a problem accessing the forums means you have a duplicate cookie. You will usually receive a "Page cannot be displayed" error. Delete your temporary Internet files and cookies, restart and try again.

I receive an error when I try to log in. What am I doing wrong?

  • Page cannot be found could mean you need to delete your temporary Internet files and cookies.
  • The criteria you entered does not match what we have on file means that you may need to update your email address. The information that you entered is not the same that we have on file.
  • You must be a registered member in order to access this page usually means you aren’t typing in the username and password in correctly or you need to delete your temporary Internet files and cookies.
  • That last name does not match the one on record for that member id. Please try again. The last name field in the registration section is case sensitive. You must capitalize when needed.

I type in my username and password but my name doesn't show up in the Welcome box. What should I do?

Try deleting your temporary Internet files and cookies. Your computer browser or operating system may not allow this page to be displayed. Make sure you do not have an outdated browser.

I see the nonmember's view, but I'm a member -- ideas?

  • Did you use the "remember my password" option when you first logged in? If so, logout of
  • Delete all temporary Internet files and cookies.
  • Restart your computer and try logging in again.

Please contact us by email or at 800-472-7878 if you continue to have problems.

I saved the web site in my favorites, and now when I try to access it, it says page not found. What do I need to do?

Since the site was relaunched, some addresses to certain pages have changed. We recommend adding the site to your favorites, and not linking to a single page. If you do this, you will always have the correct site in your favorites. To save a site your favorites in Internet Explorer, go to Favorites, choose Add to Favorites, and add the site there. Other questions? Please contact us by email or 800-472-7878.


I'm an AOL user, and I see strange text when I visit Ideas?

  1. First, be sure that you are using the most current version of AOL and have all of the security updates downloaded. Visit this page to view all of the most recent products and services from AOL.
  2. Close your AOL software and reopen it.
  3. If you are still seeing garbled text on the screen, access the GCSAA site using Internet Explorer - click Start, Programs, and select Internet Explorer.
  4. If none of these solutions work, uninstall and reinstall your AOL software.