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Field staff - Central Plains regional representative and associate director, chapter outreach

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Chapter outreach/field staff objectives

At GCSAA, there is a saying that "we serve our members through our chapters." To that end, numerous programs and services have been developed and are in place to achieve this objective. There is also no substitute for personal communication. As such, a "field staffing" concept has been identified as the best way for GCSAA to reach out to its membership. The goal of field staff and chapter outreach is to reach out to you and your chapter, and help you get the most out of your membership.

Another important responsibility is to listen to the needs of you and your chapter and to relay your input back to GCSAA headquarters. It is the desire of GCSAA to have a presence at the chapter level, and your feedback is necessary to improve our operations.

I have been fortunate to work with many chapters across the country, and I am honored to manage our chapter outreach team, which includes an expanded field staff program.

The focus of chapter outreach is:

  • Develop member/chapter services and strategic planning initiatives
  • Work with chapters to establish a governance system for the state chapter and coordinate financial and membership systems
  • Develop communication, publication, media and public relations plans
  • Establish relationships among chapters, allied organizations, commercial partners and student chapters within the states
  • Attend allied and chapter meetings and industry events to increase GCSAA visibility and promote a sense of community
  • Increase awareness of the value and benefits of GCSAA and chapter membership to current members; Promote the value and benefits to non-member facilities to promote becoming a member of both GCSAA and a GCSAA-affiliated chapter
  • Develop events to enhance the professional development of leaders, executives and members.
  • Provide direct contact for executives and leaders to assist with day-to-day chapter operations.


I have many years of experience in golf administration, serving as the executive director of the Sun Country Amateur Golf Association (the governing body of amateur golf in New Mexico and West Texas) prior to joining the GCSAA staff. I have a master's degree in mass communications from the University of South Dakota and a bachelor's degree in business/communications from St. John's University in Minnesota.

I have served on the USGA regional associations committee and have been active at numerous national events.

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Steve Randall
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