GCSAA's certification program

A complete guide to the certified golf course superintendent designation



GCSAA offers a professional certification program that enables golf course superintendents to be recognized for their high level of achievement in golf course management. The professional designation, Certified Golf Course Superintendent (CGCS), is bestowed upon those who voluntarily meet the stringent requirements.

The CGCS designation is the most widely recognized in the golf industry and the highest level of recognition that can be achieved. Approximately 25% of GCSAA Class A members are certified golf course superintendents.

Achieving certification


What new CGCSs say about the program

Steve Gross, CGCS"It's amazing the things you can accomplish when GOD is in your life."

– Steve Gross, CGCS, Mirror Lake Golf Club, Will Rica, Ga.

Matthew Allen, CGCS

"After working on golf courses for more than 20 years, I sought a new challenge to enhance my career and receive recognition for achieving my goals. I found that the certification process helped me develop and hone important qualities that every superintendent should have. I believe that the certification process is valuable to the success of the profession and should become the goal for all superintendents of the future."

– Matthew Allen, CGCS, Los Alamos Municipal Golf Course, Los Alamos, NM

Stephen Britton CGCS

"Achieving Golf Course Superintendent Certification has always been a goal of mine as soon as I achieved class A status. I could not have completed this process without the support of my family, peers and the leadership team within my company. Becoming certified is something my members can be proud of and I feel I can take the knowledge I have gained through the process to better serve them. I hope my certification inspires younger superintendents to also begin the process as soon as they become eligible."

– Stephen M. Britton, CGCS & Director of Golf Course Maintenance Operations,
TPC Potomac at Avenel Farm, Potomac, Maryland

Nick Mooneyhan CGCS"I have been fortunate enough over my career to have been mentored by other Certified Golf Course Superintendents. They taught me the value of becoming a CGCS and encouraged me along the way. Achieving certification represents a commitment to the profession and the golf industry. I am extremely proud of this accomplishment. The process has helped me to reinforce existing skills, learn new concepts and to grow as a turf professional. I am eager to encourage others and hope to mentor the professionals who I come in contact with throughout my career.”

– Nicholas Mooneyhan, CGCS, Director of Golf Maintenance,
Hobbit’s Glen & Fairway Hills GC, Columbia, Maryland

Brian Gietka CGCS"For well over a decade, I knew I wanted to become a CGCS. The process educates you, fortifies your knowledge, confirms your experience and leaves you fulfilled with personal satisfaction upon completion. Becoming a CGCS shows your commitment and contribution to the profession."
– Brian Gietka, CGCS, Fountain Head Country Club, Hagerstown, Maryland
Jeffrey Sexton CGCS“Certification has always been a dream of mine. I was privileged to work for a CGCS who emphasized the importance of being at the top of the superintendent ladder. Once my portfolio was completed, it made me realize how organized and structured I really was. It makes me proud to finally be a part of such a prestigious class of Golf Course Superintendents. I encourage everyone to join us!”
– Jeffrey R Sexton, CGCS, Evansville Country Club, Evansville, Ill.
John Hoyle CGCS“I have a deep passion for the profession and becoming certified was always a goal of mine. Going through the process helped sharpen my skills and provided an opportunity to expand my knowledge. I am very proud to become a CGCS and feel the achievement was worth the time for my employer and my career.”
– John Hoyle, CGCS, Oakhurst Country Club, Grove City, Ohio
Mike Kroeze CGCS“Achieving Certification has been a very valuable step in my career. The goal seemed unattainable for many years, but I started slowly and began to chip away at the requirements and it feels great to have finally achieved this step in my career. This process has been very beneficial to me. The material covered has strengthened my abilities and has overall made a noticeable impact to the course I manage. This process was well worth it.”
– Mike Kroeze, CGCS, Kings River Golf & Country Club, Kingsburg, Calif.