Diagnosing and Managing Nematodes, a Hidden Threat to Golf Course Turf

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Lane Tredway, Ph.D.

Lane Tredway, Ph.D., Syngenta technical manager, will discuss nematodes — one of the most common and persistent pest problems for golf courses. In this webcast, he will explain life cycles, reproduction, feeding habits and other characteristics of nematodes as they relate to the damage nematodes cause. In addition, he will focus on diagnosis and the various cultural and chemical approaches golf course superintendents can employ to control nematodes.

About the instructor

Lane Tredway, Ph.D.

Lane Tredway, Ph.D., is a technical manager for Syngenta, with responsibilities for turf and landscape in the southeastern United States. He was formerly an associate professor and Extension specialist in the Department of Plant Pathology at North Carolina State University. He received a doctorate in plant pathology from the University of Georgia, a master's degree in plant biology from Rutgers, and a bachelor's degree in agronomic science from Penn State University.

Original presentation date: April 23, 2013


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