Welcome to the IPM Planning Guide

A step-by-step process for creating an IPM plan specific to your facility

Produced by some of the most highly regarded turfgrass researchers in the field, the IPM Planning Guide takes you step by step through the process of building a comprehensive integrated pest management (IPM) plan specific to your facility. You'll start with setting your goals and end with a complete plan that includes your management practices, schedule and even a related budget.

When complete, your IPM plan will enable you to:

  • Decrease the incidence of unanticipated turf quality problems
  • Improve your ability to respond to unexpected problems
  • Be environmentally proactive
  • Develop IPM plans that address the unique nature of your golf course
  • Facilitate communication with co-workers, managers and golfers regarding the rationale for IPM strategies, the timing and planning of management practices, and progress toward goals

Each section of the guide is set up as its own unit. In it, you'll find all the materials you need, including sample plans to complete that segment. The guide also contains a valuable set of reference materials that you'll want to download and have on-hand as a resource for your entire team.

What you will need:

To complete the planning guide, you'll need a computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar PDF-capable software. You'll also need Microsoft Excel to complete the worksheets. We recommend that you maintain a notebook, as well as keeping electronic versions, for easy updating.

The steps:

  • 1. Setting your goals
    Complete the Goal Setting Form (30 minutes)
  • 2. Looking at your climate conditions
    Complete the Climate Appraisal Form (30 minutes)
  • 3. Establishing your management zones
    Complete the Management Zone Inventory Form (1-2 hours)
  • 4. Identifying your top pests and their management strategies
    Complete the Pest Worksheet (1-2 hours per management zone)
  • 5. Building your IPM Planner
    Complete the IPM Planner (2-3 hours per management zone)
  • 6. Setting your budget (optional)
    Complete the Budget Worksheet

Using your plan:

Your completed IPM plan has many other potential uses. In addition to serving as the basis of your planning activities, it can be a very useful way of soliciting input from your staff and/or training your staff in IPM practices. By having your colleagues and employees at the golf course complete portions of the IPM Planning Guide – or even the entire guide separately – you can then compare and integrate your results. It is not only a learning process, but it also adds further dimensions and practicality to the final product.

The completed IPM plan is also a powerful way to communicate with managers the agronomic basis for scheduling, agronomic practices and adoption of IPM practices.

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