Step 5. IPM Planner

In this step, you'll create a custom plan for each management zone

The IPM Planner represents the culmination and final step in the creation of your IPM plan.

Once you’ve completed this step, you'll have a single sheet of paper summarizing the complex interactions among climate, pests, turfgrass growth and golf play, as well as demonstrating the science and logic on which your IPM agronomic practices are based.

How can you use your IPM Planner?

  • It will serve as the blueprint for your annual IPM plan.
  • It will serve as a planning and organizing tool to coordinate, budget, schedule and purchase the materials needed to implement your plan.
  • It will serve as a communication tool for to help explain the science and logic behind your IPM strategies to your crew, your management, your golfers, and other superintendents.

Estimated time:

2-3 hours for each management zone

Materials for the step:

You will need to develop a separate IPM planner for each of your management zones. You will also need to have your completed forms on hand from the previous steps.

Updating your IPM plan:

Your IPM plan is a dynamic, living document that will reflect changes in weather, turfgrass performance, budget constraints and management expectations as the year progresses. For this reason, it is very important to review, fine-tune and update your IPM Planner periodically (we suggest monthly). If reality deviates significantly from your original predictions, you should take the time to rewrite your plan on a new plan form.

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