Step 4. Pest Worksheet

In this step, you'll identify your key pests, along with management practices and products

Management zones are geographic areas of the golf course that have common management features.

The Pest Worksheet is an intermediate step in developing your IPM plan. It enables you to clearly identify your key pests, as well as the practices and products that you want to use to manage them.

Portions of the information you generate on this worksheet will be transferred onto your final IPM plan.

Estimated time:

2 hours

Materials for this step:

You will also need to have your completed forms from the previous steps to fill in the Pest Worksheet. Please note that you will need to create a pest worksheet for each individual management zone you identified in step 3.

Depending upon your location you may want to begin with the top five pests or potential pests when completing this step. You can refer to the references listed to the right, as they will assist you with your decisions regarding the most damaging pests for your golf course.

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