Pursuing a career

Sample curriculum for golf course management

GCSAA recommended general education curriculum

Educational institutions set minimum general education requirements for all students, regardless of major, as well as specific general education requirements for particular fields of study. GCSAA places an emphasis upon students successfully completing courses in the GCSAA recommended general education curriculum listed below as part of a student’s general education studies. GCSAA further recommends that educational candidates contact chosen schools of interest to verify the institution’s ability to offer the following recommended general education studies.

  • English composition
  • Speech (and/or) oral communications
  • College algebra (and/or) college algebra and trigonometry
  • Social science (intercultural communications or multi-cultural awareness)
  • Foreign language (Spanish is highly recommended)
  • Introduction to economics
  • Introduction to small business operations (and/or) business management
  • Introduction to marketing
  • Computer science (computer applications in agronomy is highly recommended)

GCSAA recommended major courses

Plant Sciences

  • Botany
  • Plant pathology
  • Plant propagation
  • Principles/introduction to turfgrass science
  • Plant physiology
  • Irrigation systems management

Integrated plant management

  • Weed identification
  • Entomology/nematology
  • Safe pesticide management
  • Integrated pest management


  • Soil science
  • Plant fertility and nutrition
  • Environmental quality
  • Turfgrass management
  • Physical properties of soil (elective)
  • Soil conservation (elective)


  • Woody plant materials
  • Herbaceous plant materials
  • Irrigation and drainage systems
  • Landscape management (elective)
  • Landscape design and construction (elective)

Business management

  • Golf course operations
  • Accounting
  • Business management
  • Human resources/personnel management
  • Financial management
  • Business writing and communications
  • Written and oral communications
  • Statistics (elective)
  • Computer science (elective)
  • Introduction to marketing (elective)