Portfolios and personal websites


A growing trend in the golf industry is to supplement traditional career documents (cover letter, resume, references) with an individual website, CD, blog, or PowerPoint slide show to demonstrate your value visually through the power of photos, and digital media.

What is a portfolio?

A marketing tool that displays a collection of photos, files, and documents organized in a digital format such as web site, CD, or PowerPoint, that shows a comprehensive view of a person’s career. This tool can be used to advance career opportunities in a present job or to conduct a search to provide the prospective employer with additional context and the broader picture of experience and career story.

When do I use a portfolio?

At your present job:

  • Slide show presented to facility ownership, municipality director, or greens committee to update leadership team
  • Slide show presented to supervisor as part of annual evaluation to document achievements, using photos to detail projects, weather challenges, etc.
  • Blog or website to improve marketability of your course and improve communication with membership/golfers

Conducting job search:

List career website at the top of your resume to pique the reader’s interest and provide a quick way to learn more about your career, experience and achievements.

  • Submit a CD to the hiring committee with such content as before and after photos; scanned letters from pleased tournament officials and golfers; work philosophy; career goals; articles; reports; certificates, etc.
  • For an interview, bring a brief PowerPoint to validate the points you discuss in the interview. Remember, you may be interviewing with an audience of golfers or even non-golfers who don’t fully understand what you do, but they can easily understand photos of a beautiful golf course.

What do I include in a portfolio?

The following list is not all-inclusive because each portfolio is individualized depending upon you and potentially the target job, but the list will help you get started:

  • Work philosophy
  • Career goals
  • Resume
  • Tournament experience
  • Career highlights
  • References, letters of recommendation
  • Certificates, degrees, honors and awards
  • Professional memberships
  • Community leadership and involvement

How do I start?

Compile all your information, photos, documents and digital files. Organize them into logical divisions/pages on a website, and have some fun. Remember, this is your chance to tell your story visually! GCSAA also offers guidance, proofing, and editing of portfolios, as well as links to example career websites to help you. For more information email careeradvantage@sunflower.com.