Fulfill education and service points

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Now that you have determined the number of points required, you can review your lifetime transcript. You may have already earned points through education or service that will count toward your Class A requirements. Your transcript will include a detailed list of the total education and/or service points earned to date. It will also show you the status of completion of the pesticide requirement.

Once you know your current status, continue earning points through education and service. Based on the requirements outlined in the Class A eligibility sliding scale, a portion of the points must be earned through education and the rest can be either education or service.

Education points

Education points are earned through approved education opportunities. You receive .10 points per educational contact hour, which means that 10 hours equals one point. Points can be earned through a variety of educational opportunities. GCSAA offers a large number of educational programs including seminars, live webcasts, On Demand webcasts and self-study courses. You can also receive points from programs offered by local chapters, regional conferences, state pesticide recertification seminars and other external educational opportunities.

Service points

Service points are earned for association, civic or community service, or other professional development activities such as authoring articles, teaching, attending chapter and other turf-related meetings, board service, etc.

You can earn education and service points towards your Class A requirements while you are in the process of completing the number of years needed to fulfill the experience requirement. Then, when you complete the years of experience, you will immediately be eligible for Class A membership because you will have already earned the points you need.

Recording your points

Your points will automatically be recorded for any GCSAA educational program you participate in. Otherwise, complete an affidavit to apply for credit for any other education or service points.