Fulfill education and service points

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Education points help you on the journey to obtaining or maintaining Class A status. Service points may be used for those renewing their Class A status. Find out what type of activities qualify for points with the Education and Golf-Centric Service Points chart.

Education points

Education points are earned through approved education opportunities. You receive .10 points per educational contact hour, which means that 10 hours equals one point. Points can be earned through a variety of educational opportunities. GCSAA offers a large number of educational programs including seminars, live webcasts, On Demand webcasts and self-study courses. You can also receive points from programs offered by local chapters, regional conferences, state pesticide recertification seminars and other external educational opportunities. Education points are also available for writing articles, participation in Audubon Cooperative programs and state environmental programs, as well for CPR and First Aid training. You can start earning education points toward  the requirements for Class A status at any time, even as an assistant or student.

Golf-centric service points

Service points, which can be applied toward renewal requirements, are earned for association, civic and chapter service/activities in in addition to other activities including, but not limited to, giving an informational speech or participating in a media interview, volunteering agronomic/environmental expertise  to another golf course or sports facility, completing surveys and participating in the GCSAA National Championships.

Recording your points

Both education and service points will automatically be recorded for any GCSAA educational programs/activities you participate in. Otherwise, complete an affidavit to apply for credit for any other education or service points.