How to take advantage of your Masters admission benefit

The governing body at Augusta National has once again extended complimentary daily admission to the Masters to all Class A, A-Retired, and AA Life members who have a valid gold membership card.

Getting into the tournament

To gain admission to the tournament, present your current GCSAA membership card along with your driver’s license at the North Gate each day. The North Gate is located just inside Gate 6, which is a walk-in gate located off Berckmans Road.

Please remember:

  • You must be a GCSAA Class A, ART or AA member — in good standing — in order to take advantage of this unique member benefit. Please verify your classification and status before making any travel arrangements.
  • You must have a valid form of picture ID along with your GCSAA membership card.
  • If you should exit the grounds at anytime during the day, you will be required to re-enter through Gate 6 and check back in at the Gate C/PGA booth, where once again, you will be required to present your GCSAA membership card and driver’s license to gain admittance.
  • Hold onto to your pass. Upon leaving the grounds, maintain possession of your daily pass and under no circumstances should you sell it, throw it away or give it away as a souvenir to anyone you do not know.
  • No cell phones allowed. No cell phones or other electronic devices are permitted on the grounds at any time.
  • Cameras only during practice rounds. Cameras are permitted during the practice rounds (Monday – Wednesday), but are not permitted on the grounds starting Thursday.

Any violation of Augusta National's ticket, cell phone or camera policies will result in a lifetime ban from Masters tournaments – no questions asked and no excuses accepted. To date, 18 GCSAA members have been banned for life from future tournaments.