GCSAA committees/task groups

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This directory provides a list of the individuals currently serving on GCSAA committees or task groups, as well as contact information for the committee/task group chairmen, so you may contact them with any questions or suggestions you might have.

The Assistant Superintendent Task Group provides perspective and strategic input on assistant superintendent programs and services.

Kevin P. Breen, CGCS, chairman
Mark F. Jordan, CGCS, vice chairman

David W. Eichhorn Jr.
Justin K. Ellison
Phillip A. Fischer
Renee Geyer
Zachary Greenlee
Sarah C. Jackson
Jessica K. Lenihan
Conrad B. Pannkuk
David H. Robinson, CGCS

The Best Management Practices (BMP) Grants Task Group will review applications requesting funding for BMP based program development, validation, marketing or similar projects that are submitted in accordance with grant guidelines. The task group will recommend applications for funding to the board of directors.

John R. Fulling Jr., CGCS, chairman
Jeff L. White, CGCS, vice chairman

Kenneth E. Benoit Jr., CGCS
Christopher S. Harriman
Adam L. Ikamas, CGCS
Gary M. Ingram, CGCS
Stephen D. Miles, CGCS
Collier Miller, CGCS
Russell C. Vandehey, CGCS
Dan Wegener
Anthony L. Williams, CGCS

The Best Management Practices (BMP) Resources Task Group is an ad hoc task group that will review the BMP Planning Guide and Template as well as the other BMP written planning guides; IPM, Drought, Water Management and Nutrient. This includes both print and online versions.

Kevin P. Breen, CGCS, chairman
T.A. Barker, CGCS, vice chairman

Stephen Britton, CGCS
Jennifer S. Bryan
Jorge J. Croda, CGCS
Ralph K. Dain Jr.
Frank D. Dinelli, CGCS
Shannon P. Easter
Jeff M. Eldridge, CGCS
Eric Foerster, CGCS,MG
Jason Haines
Josh Heptig
Mark Hoban
James H. Houchen III
Joseph L. Hubbard, CGCS
Michael J. Hurdzan, Ph.D.,ASGCA
Jeff Jensen
Lance J. Johnson, CGCS
Andy Jorgensen, CGCS
Bill C. Kreuser, Ph.D.
Mark Krick, CGCS
Jessica K. Lenihan
Mark B. Michalski
David Phipps
Timothy P. Powers, CGCS
Charles B. Robertson IV, CGCS
Cutler Robinson
David H. Robinson, CGCS
Travis Shaddox, Ph.D.
Richard W. Slattery
Douglas J. Soldat
J. Bryan Unruh, Ph.D.
Melvin H. Waldron III, CGCS

The Board Policy Oversight Task Group is convened once every three years and charged with analyzing the strategic intent and impact of all policies regarding GCSAA Board members.

Peter J. Grass, CGCS Chairman

David S. Downing II, CGCS
Scott M. Ramsay, CGCS

The Certification Committee is responsible for oversight and monitoring of the CGCS designation. The committee provides feedback on appeals, testing materials and program structure.

John R. Fulling Jr., CGCS, chairman
Mark F. Jordan, CGCS, vice chairman

Michael B. Aaron, CGCS
Paul Carter, CGCS
Kevin Clunis, CGCS
Jorge Corda, CGCS
Douglas D. Dykstra, CGCS
Peter J. Rappoccio Sr., CGCS
Christopher A. Sorrell, CGCS
Matthew Taylor, CGCS
Eric Ward, CGCS
Marc E. Weston, CGCS

This task group reviews submissions and approves monies for Chapter Outreach Grants that further the promotion of the profession at the state and chapter level.

John R. Fulling Jr., CGCS, chairman
Kevin P. Breen, CGCS, vice chairman

ONeil M. Crouch III
Robert Dreesen
Patrick J. Franklin, CGCS
Sterling L. Naron
Bryan J. Tipton, CGCS

The conference education task group is responsible for planning the annual conference education program; moderating conference sessions; and recommending topics, resources, experts and faculty for new conference educational programs.

Kevin P. Sunderman, chairman
John R. Fulling Jr., CGCS, vice chairman

Stacy D. Baker
Zach Bauer
Rodney W. Crow, CGCS
James W. Davis III, CGCS
Alan G. Fitzgerald
Robert S. Reehoorn
Michael Richardson, Ph.D.
S. Matthew Wharton, CGCS, MG

Engage diverse perspectives of employer/facility types in discussions and activities focused on identifying/communicating the value of GCSAA, with emphasis on those areas that strengthen the role of the superintendent on the success of the facility.

John R. Fulling Jr., CGCS, chairman
Kevin P. Breen, CGCS, vice chairman

Steve Stensland
Jennifer Romero
Dick Schulz
Rock Lucas
Jim Roschek
Randy Bensley
Donald D. Schrack, Jr.
Gilda Johnson
Clint Goold


The Environmental Awards and Education Task Group will provide perspective, insight and recommendations to the GSCAA staff and board regarding existing and future GCSAA/EIFG environmental awards, award programs, and education topics (environmental session).

Kevin P. Sunderman, chairman
T.A. Barker, CGCS, vice chairman

Kraig G. Binder
Vincent G. Dodge, CGCS
Matt Gourlay, CGCS
Jim Johnson
Dale Kuehner, CGCS
Neil Mayberry, CGCS
Brandon Razo
Stephanie Schwenke
Ryan A. Semritc
Ronald E. Whitten

The Equipment Manager Task Group provides strategic input and guidance on golf course equipment manager programs and services.

Rafael Barajas, CGCS, chairman
Kevin P. Sunderman, vice chairman

Orlando Acevedo
Gary W. Bogdanski
Wade Borthwick
Christopher A. Brocious
Patrick Drinkard
Eric Duncanson
Anthony T. Lewis
Trent Manning
Edward J. Nangle, Ph.D
Cory Phillips
David Prekop
William Stone

The First Green Task Group seeks to engage educators and superintendents to provide feedback and suggestions for The First Green program. The program will be utilized to encourage engagement with young people with an introduction to golf course management. The First Green program aligns with GCSAA strategic initiatives of Advocacy and Outreach, Advancing the Profession, Serving Members, Increased Revenue Opportunities and Environmental Stewardship.

Kevin P. Sunderman, chairman
John R. Fulling Jr., CGCS, vice chairman

Josh Heptig

Stanley A. Kazymerchyk
Steve A. Kealy, CGCS
Ryan S. Kraushofer
Daniel Meersman
Sherri Morris
Frank R. Tichenor

The GCM Editorial Board Task Group serves as judges for the annual Leo Feser Award. The task group also serves in advisory role for magazine staff to provide input on current and future editorial content, design and delivery methods (print, digital, social media, etc.).

Jeff L. White, CGCS, chairman
Kevin P. Sunderman, vice chairman

Todd A. Bohn
Bryan J. Tipton, CGCS

The Government Affairs Committee provides strategic input and guidance on public policy issues and lobbying and grassroots efforts in the areas of advocacy and compliance. Making sure that golf facilities are able to remain a viable business by complying with all local, state and federal laws and regulations and ensuring golf’s voice is heard in all policymaking arenas advancing the profession.

Mark F. Jordan, CGCS, chairman
Kevin P. Sunderman, vice chairman

William K. Bieck, CGCS
Kevin M. Custis
Joseph M. Gardner Jr.
Jeffrey E. Holliday, CGCS
Scott M. Phelps, CGCS
Michael D. Posey
Eddie M. Roach Jr.
Erin L. Stevens, CGCS, MG
Rory VanPoucke

The Melrose Leadership Academy Task Group shall review the applications and provide scores based on answers submitted by the superintendents. This program ties directly to the mission by advancing the profession of these superintendents.

Kevin P. Sunderman, chairman

Jamie W. Colson
Andrew J. Fries, CGCS
Dennis P. Petruzzelli, CGCS
Brian D. Smoot
Craig N. Stockhaus
Kurtis A. Wolford

To review and act upon all petitions in relationship to challenges to the policies outlined in the GCSAA Bylaws and GCSAA Standing Rules of Membership relative to the classification of membership.

Darren J. Davis, CGCS, chairman

Members seated if required.

Identify and present to the membership a nominee for president, one or more nominees for the office of vice president, two or more nominees for the office of secretary/treasurer, and at least one more nominee than the number of directors to be elected.

Peter J. Grass, CGCS, chairman

Jorge J. Croda, CGCS
Kevin M. Custis
Jeff E. Holliday, CGCS
William E. Murray

The GCSAAPAC Committee provides strategic input for the GCSAA political action committee and is composed of the chairman and vice-chairman of the Government Affairs Committee and three at-large members.

Mark F. Jordan, CGCS, chairman

Kevin P. Sunderman, vice Chairman

Jeffrey D. Jensen
Robert J. Nielsen Jr., CGCS
Scott M. Ramsay, CGCS
Robert Helland

Solicit, review and rank university research project proposals. Provide funding and project recommendations to the GCSAA Board to make the final determination.

Rafael Barajas, CGCS, chairman
T.A. Barker, CGCS, vice chairman

Brian E. Boyer
Matthew J. Ceplo, CGCS
Douglas Karcher, Ph.D.
Michael P. Kenna, Ph.D.
David M. Kopec, Ph.D.
Alexander R. Kowalewski, Ph.D.
Douglas J. Soldat, Ph.D.
Richard W. Staughton, CGCS
J. Bryan Unruh, Ph.D.

Engage a diverse representation of chapter executives, superintendents and management companies in discussions and activities that are focused on enhancing and growing the annual Rounds 4 Research fundraising auction administered by the Environmental Institute for Golf.

Mark F. Jordan, CGCS, chairman
Jeff L. White, CGCS, vice chairman

Leslie A. Carpenter Jr.
Paul L. Carter, CGCS
Kenneth A. Gorzycki, CGCS
Nicholas D. Kearns
Dolf May
Mark M. Murphy
Jeffrey R. Sexton, CGCS
Brett Stark
S. Matthew Wharton, CGCS, MG
Courtney R. Young III, CGCS
Timothy B. Kreger Chapter Executive
Lori R. Russell

Through a judging process, the GCSAA Scholars Competition Task Group will score applications submitted by turfgrass students who meet the criteria. This competition recognizes and awards outstanding students in the field of golf course and turfgrass management. The work of the task group provides the means in which to award GCSAA student members, which will help in achieving their professional goals.

T.A. Barker, CGCS, chairman
Kevin P. Breen, CGCS, vice chairman

Kevin E. Banks
William P. Connolly III
Joey G. Franco Jr., CGCS
Hampton Kicklighter Jr., CGCS
Shane A. Miller, CGCS
Christopher R. Richter
Scott A. Schurman
Jeffrey L. Seeman, CGCS
Patrick H. Sisk, CGCS
Michael L. Upchurch

Review any proposed amendments to the Bylaws and submit to the members any amendments that the committee approves at least thirty (30) days in advance of the annual meeting. In addition, review all formal complaints of violations of the GCSAA Code of Ethics. The Standards and Bylaws Committee will only be seated if proposed amendments to the Bylaws are identified or if a Code of Ethics violation is received and the president determines that a possible violation has occurred.

 This committee is not finalized.

Engage diverse perspectives of students, educators and superintendents in discussions and activities that are focused on developing professionals for a successful career in the golf industry.

Darren J. Davis, CGCS, chairman
Jeff L. White, CGCS, vice chairman

Jeffrey W. Bendy Jr.
Paige E. Boyle
Connor Carlisle
Thomas E. Dumbauld
John E. Kaminski, Ph.D.
Douglas Karcher, Ph.D. 
Daniele McFadden
Allen Saville
Mark J. Woodward, CGCS

Provide feedback and recommendations on GCSAA developed technologies that currently or will service the membership.

Mark F. Jordan, CGCS, chairman
John R. Fulling Jr., CGCS, vice chairman

Kyle Barton
Zachary Bauer
Kraig G. Binder
Robert G. Dorsch III, CGCS
Robert Dreesen
Noah D. Ervin
Ryan Galles
Daniel P. Grogan
Stephen Hicks
Nicholas D. Kearns
Curtis F. Nickerson
B.J. Parker
Michael J. Radermacher
Brandon Razo
Eddie M. Roach Jr.
James R. Snell
Joe Todaro
Michael S. Williams

Provide perspective and recommendation that contribute to strategic, long-term planning and success of the GCSAA Golf Championships.

This committee is not finalized.