Superintendent Research Panel

Be a part of industry-related survey initiatives

The GCSAA Superintendent Research Panel is a representative group of golf course superintendents who participate in industry-related research initiatives. The panel provides industry a means to connect with superintendents via online surveys and/or focus groups for the purpose of improving the delivery of products and services. As long as you are currently a golf course superintendent, you are eligible to participate on the panel. You do not need to be a member of GCSAA or meet any other criteria to join the panel.

The benefits

Participants have the opportunity to voice their opinions on golf course management issues, as well as let key decision-makers know what they are looking for in today’s marketplace. GCSAA members receive .25 service points for joining the panel (the points will be applied to your maximum of 1 service point per renewal cycle for completing GCSAA surveys). In addition, quarterly prize drawings are held to reward both participants for their involvement.

How the survey process works

GCSAA conducts the online surveys with members of the panel. The content of the surveys is based on input from GCSAA and its industry partners. No surveys will come directly to you from industry representatives as part of this process. We ask that you participate in our surveys for a minimum of one year from the date when you sign up. You may participate for longer than one year if you wish to do so.

The amount of surveys you receive will vary. Some of the surveys are only sent to specific groups of superintendents and not the entire panel, depending on the type of the survey being conducted. The length of the surveys will be kept as brief as possible in order to fit into your busy schedule.

Your answers will remain completely anonymous. GCSAA needs to capture your name and contact information in order to award your service points (if applicable) and enter you in the prize drawings. However, your name will not be linked to the answers you provide on the surveys.

Join the panel

To sign up for the panel, contact Greg Stacey, senior manager, market research and data.

Learn how you can use the panel

Industry members can learn more about how they can utilize the panel by calling GCSAA at 800-472-7878 and asking for a member of the corporate sales and marketing team.