GCSAA Association Health Program

GCSAA has partnered with Association Health Programs (AHP), an insurance broker who specializes in unique and cost-effective association insurance solutions, to offer our members quality and customized health care options.

The creation of a program was based on members feedback. Now, as part of a large pool of national associations, all GCSAA members (excluding Friends) will have access to this program.

In addition to health insurance, members have access to other related types of insurance, including, but not limited to dental, vision, telehealth, mental health, disability, life, accident, long-term care, and Medicare supplements.

To begin the inquiry process

You will be required to complete the online census form to determine your eligibility. This form will provide AHP the necessary information to be able to advise you. AHP will only respond to GCSAA members.

Begin the inquiry »

If you have any issues, please call AHP at 888-450-3040, but only GCSAA members can inquire about available products.

Program details, please read carefully

  • There are options available in 38 states. Product availability, rates, and eligibility vary by state and individual circumstances. States that only allow for their own state-run insurance programs, and/or have certain state limitations, do not allow outside parties to offer options within the state. Excluded states include: Alaska, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington.
  • U.S. territories and those outside of the United States are excluded as well.
  • GCSAA does not come into possession or have access to any of your protected health information.
  • If you are insured through an employer’s group policy, you will typically need to wait until the group’s open enrollment period to make a change. AHP recommends you inquire one month prior to the group’s open enrollment.
  • If you are experiencing a qualifying life event (birth of child, divorce, new employment, etc.) or if you have an individual Affordable Care Act policy (on or off the Exchange/Marketplace), you can enroll at any time during the year, pending your eligibility based on the underwriting guidelines.
  • This program is not a service to help navigate the Affordable Care Act (Exchange or Off-Exchange). If you are eligible for and/or receiving government financial assistance, either through Medicaid or an ACA/Obamacare subsidy, you are not eligible for an option through this program.
  • Membership does not guarantee eligibility for insurance policies. AHP advises based on each member's situation. Product availability, rates, and eligibility vary by state, individual circumstances, and insurance companies' guidelines.
For questions, contact GCSAA at 800-472-7878.