Advocacy Resources

GCSAA offers many resources for building your advocacy skills, learning about Congress, making your case and getting involved in advocacy for your golf course. Let GCSAA help you:

  • Keep informed about government issues and activities that affect your job
  • Advocate your position to lawmakers through letters, phone calls and personal visits
  • Gather and prepare position papers, research, and articles to help you educate lawmakers on golf course issues
  • Facilitate the building of issue coalitions
  • Identify your local, state and federal lawmakers and help you build relationships with those individuals
  • Advise your chapter on lobbying strategies, including using the media and hiring a contract lobbyist
  • Conduct customized advocacy training for your chapter members

GCSAA Grassroots Ambassadors

GCSAA members have the opportunity to serve as a GCSAA Grassroots Ambassador. GCSAA gives Grassroots Ambassadors personalized training on building relationships with their assigned member of Congress.

GCSAA Advocacy Network

Not all GCSAA members are eligible to serve as Grassroots Ambassadors. The GCSAA Advocacy Network allows all GCSAA members to be part of the association’s larger grassroots army. Those in the GCSAA Advocacy Network decide what issues they care about the most and how they would like to advocate and are placed on strategic Issue Management Teams to support advocacy outreach.


GCSAA actively lobbies Congress to advance golf course management. To support the association’s direct lobbying efforts, GCSAA has recently formed a political action committee to support members of Congress who support GCSAA's Priority Issues Agenda.

Government Affairs Quarterly Briefing

The government affairs department hosts quarterly, 30-minute webinars to keep GCSAA members in the loop on the association’s advocacy efforts. Learn more about these government affairs updates that are free for GCSAA members.

General Government Advocacy Resources

We Are Golf and Golf 20/20 resources