GCSAA is taking its government relations efforts to the next level. We are looking for GCSAA Grassroots Ambassadors. The goal is to match a member of GCSAA with each member of Congress, and to build strong relationships between them. The program will establish a network of committed volunteers to serve as the “go-to” people for lawmakers and their staff on golf course management issues. The most important thing you can do as a GCSAA Grassroots Ambassador is share your story. Download the Grassroots Ambassador brochure.

Ambassador Eligibility and Commitment

GCSAA is seeking enthusiastic, motivated members (Class A, B or C) to serve as a GCSAA Grassroots Ambassadors. The link between the Member of Congress and the GCSAA Grassroots Ambassador is based on golf facility location. Also, GCSAA Grassroots Ambassadors need to belong to an affiliated chapter.

Ambassadors commit to a two year appointment with the option to continue for two more years after the initial appointment. Terms begin on a quarterly basis. There is a summer class starting in July, fall class starting in October, a winter class starting in January and a spring class starting in April.

Ambassador Training, Education and Recognition

Ambassadors will receive the tools and resources needed to become an effective advocate for the profession including a welcome packet and Ambassador Engagement Calendar that outlines training, meetings and education opportunities.

GCSAA offers the Grassroots Ambassador Academy at the annual Golf Industry Show where ambassadors interact with grassroots trainers and learn the art of political engagement. Ambassador Academy is by invitation only.

Grassroots Ambassadors are awarded GCSAA education points:

  • .1 points per training webinar (issues training or training on the “how to of advocacy). 0.1 points will be added to your transcript after a webinar concludes via the participant roster. Or 0.1 points will be added to your transcript if you self report you watched the webinar via archive.
  • .05 points for participating in the National Golf Day issues training webinar.
  • .35 points for attending Grassroots Ambassador Academy at the Golf Industry Show.

Service points:

  • .25 service points for each in-person meeting with your assigned Member of Congress or their staff and reporting that activity to Michael Lee (such as attending a town hall meeting, hosting a golf course site visit, attending a federal or state lobby day, meeting at the district office, etc.).