GCSAA Investigating Political Action Committee

GCSAA is exploring the launch of a political action committee in the fall of 2017. During 2016, government affairs staff presented the concept of a GCSAA PAC to the Government Affairs Committee, GCSAA Board of Directors and chapter delegates, and are now seeking feedback from the general membership on a GCSAA PAC.

Before June 15, please:

  1. Watch the GCSAA PAC videos
  2. Read the PAC brochure
  3. Complete the short feedback form

GCSAA PAC 101 video

This GCSAA video offers general information about political action groups.

GCSAA PAC Vision video

GCSAA's video provides information on what a political action committee is and why GCSAA is considering launching a GCSAA PAC.

PAC brochure

The brochure provides answers to your PAC questions.