GCSAA Political Action Committee


GCSAA has formed a political action committee to support members of Congress who support GCSAA's Priority Issues Agenda. The priority issues are approved biennially by the GCSAA Board of Directors to focus the association's policy work. Through personal and financial member investments, GCSAAPAC seeks to provide a direct means to petition the government for the long-term viability of golf facilities. GCSAAPAC is a critical tool to help the association realize its aspiration to be recognized as the global leader in golf course management.

Why create a PAC?

By establishing a PAC, GCSAA will have a greater ability to:

  • Build Congressional champions to advance the priority issues agenda.
  • Gain greater access and visibility with members of Congress and establish new relationships.
  • Increase GCSAA's profile with allied golf groups and continue to be a leader in golf advocacy.
  • Fully integrate the association's direct and grassroots lobbying efforts.

How are PAC funds spent?

Learn more about how GCSAAPAC dollars are used to increase GCSAA's visibility and to support lawmakers who support the golf industry in the GCSAAPAC Update.

Sen. Joni Ernst 

Who can donate to the GCSAAPAC?

By law, contributions to GCSAAPAC are limited to a restricted class of donors, including:

  • Individual GCSAA members in the United States.
  • GCSAA executive and administrative personnel and their families. GCSAA non-executive and non-administrative personnel and their families with limitations. 
  • GCSAA corporate members. Limited to the executive and administrative staff, stockholders and their families. 
  • GCSAAPAC cannot accept corporate funds or donations from chapters.
  • GCSAAPAC cannot accept contributions from anyone who is not a citizen of the United States.
  • According to the Federal Election Commission, no person may solicit donations for GCSAAPAC on social media or in other outlets in the public domain.  
  • Ineligible contributions will be returned. 
See the full list of GCSAAPAC donors.

Want to serve on the PAC board?

GCSAAPAC will be governed by a five-member board composed of the chairman and vice-chairman of the Government Affairs Committee and three at-large members.

Fundraise for GCSAAPAC

GCSAA is making it easy for you to help raise funds for GCSAAPAC.

Additional PAC resources

This video offers general information about political action groups.

This video provides information on what a political action committee is and why GCSAA started a PAC.

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