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Staff Contacts

All staff members can be reached by calling 800-472-7878.

Member/Customer Solutions

Andrea Mason, Sr. Manager, Finance & Registration, ext. 3656 
Lynn Roe, Sr. Coordinator, Member Solutions, ext. 3685 
Dan Cooper, Sr. Coordinator, Data Integrity and Registration, ext. 4413 
Ashli Harjo, Coordinator, Member Solutions, ext. 3642
Holly Cobb, Mail & Print Coordinator, ext. 3621
Mindy Bash, Receptionist, ext. 3674

Member Relations

Shelia Finney, Sr. Director, Member Programs, ext. 4472
Anthony Rittof, Member Relations Specialist, ext. 4418
Betsy Myers, Administrative Assistant, ext. 3622

Field Staff and Chapter Outreach

Steve Randall, Director, Chapter Outreach, ext. 5146
Leann Cooper, Sr. Manager, Chapter Services, ext. 3648
Shane Conroy, Field Staff – Great Lakes Regional Representative, ext. 3635
Ralph Dain, Field Staff – Florida Regional Representative, ext. 3607 
John Walker, Field Staff – South Central Regional Representative, ext. 3634 
Jeff Jensen, Field Staff – Southwest Regional Representative, ext. 3603
Kevin Doyle, Field Staff – Northeast Regional Representative, ext. 3636
David Phipps, Field Staff – Northwest Regional Representative, ext. 3608
Chase Rogan, Field Staff – Mid-Atlantic Regional Representative, ext. 3609
Ron Wright, CGCS, Field Staff – Southeast Regional Representative, ext. 3637

Government Affairs

Chava McKeel, Director, Government Affairs, ext. 3619 
Robert Helland, Director, Congressional and Federal Affairs, ext. 3659
Michael Lee, Manager, Government Affairs, ext. 3612
Diana DeWald, Administrative Coordinator, Government Affairs., ext.3675

Professional Development

Shari Koehler, Director, Professional Development, ext. 4404
Kelli Flanner, Sr. Manager, Curriculum, ext. 3614
Lisa Wick, Sr. Manager, E-Learning Programs, ext. 3649
Diana Kern, Manager, Education Certificates and Program Validation, ext. 3600
Amanda Miller, CMP, Manager, Conference Education Events, ext. 4475
Katie Schuster, Curriculum Specialist, ext. 3616


Stephanie Confer, Manager, Certification, ext. 4424


Angela Hartmann, Associate Director, Communications, ext. 3647
Sarah Huerter, Manager, Digital Media and Communications, ext. 3658
Claudia Alterman, Social Media Strategist, ext. 3653
Kate Hiebert, Digital Editor, ext. 4497

Media Relations

Mike Strauss, Manager, Media Relations, ext. 5164


Scott Hollister, GCM Editor-in-Chief/Director, Publications, ext. 4456 
Megan Hirt, GCMOnline Editor, ext. 4491 
Andrew Hartsock, GCM Managing Editor, ext. 3683
Teresa Carson, GCM Sr. Science Editor, 4446
Howard Richman, GCM Associate Editor, ext. 3638
Brett Leonard, Traffic Coordinator, ext. 3654

Creative Services

Roger Billings, Sr. Manager, Creative Services, ext. 4432 
Kelly Neis, Sr. Manager, Creative Services, ext. 3646

Environmental Institute for Golf

Mischia Wright, Associate Director, Environmental Institute for Golf, ext. 4445
Katie Lomshek, Fundraising Specialist, ext. 3634

Environmental Programs

Mark Johnson, Associate Director, Environmental Programs, ext. 5161
Emily Fuger, Manager, Environmental Programs, ext. 5163

Corporate Sales

Matt Brown, Director, Corporate Sales, ext. 3601
Jim Cummins, Business Development Manager, ext. 5148
Karin Candrl, Account Manager, ext. 4460
Brett Iliff, Account Development Manager, ext. 5159


Eric Olson, Director, Marketing, ext. 4434
Nikki Martinek, Marketing Manager, ext. 5115

Market Research and Data

Greg Stacey, Sr. Manager, Market Research and Data, ext. 5152

Trade Show Management & Activation

Shelly Urish, Trade Show Manager, ext. 4441
Melissa Householder, Trade Show Specialist, ext. 5173
Jessica Bernstein-Boyle, Trade Show Coordinator, ext. 4498
Michelle Brown, Trade Show Administrator, ext. 3604

Conference Events & Meeting Planning

Jana Brown, CMP, Director, Conference Events & Meeting Planning, ext. 4457 
Jessica Thompson, CEM, Sr. Manager, Tournament and Conference Events, ext. 5110
Libby Queen, Manager, Conference Events and Meeting Planning, ext. 4459


Joey Blackburn, Director, Finance & Member Solutions, ext. 3651 
Brian Fast, Sr. Manager, Finance, ext. 4411 
Adrianne Jones, Manager, Finance, ext. 4412 
Mariel Ferreiro, Accounts Payable Coordinator, ext. 3681
Traci McCool, Accounts Receivable Coordinator, ext. 4415
Lindsey Trent, Staff Accountant, ext. 4426

Information Technology

Eric Hiebert, Director, Information Technology, ext. 4401 
Ken Harris, Applications Delivery Engineer, ext. 5162 
Ian Stuart, Applications Developer II, ext. 5145
Becky Downing, Business Analyst, ext. 3652
Jeremy Chard , Applications Developer I, ext. 4419

Human Resources

Nate Scott, Director, Human Resources, ext. 4414
Becky Chapple, Sr. Manager, Human Resources, ext. 4422

Headquarters Facility Management

Bob Kidder, Facilities Manager, ext. 5149
Tonya Foster, Facilities Coordinator, ext. 4468

Executive Office

Rhett Evans, Chief Executive Officer, ext. 4410
Bob Randquist, CGCS, Chief Operating Officer, ext. 3669
Cameron Oury, Chief Financial Officer, ext. 4402 
Eileen Bangalan, Sr. Director, Business Strategy, ext. 4423 
Emily Bradford, Sr. Manager, Executive Operations, ext. 4408
Mollie Qualseth, Executive Assistant to the CEO, ext. 4410
Kasey Dietrich, Board Liaison, ext. 4416