Certification & Exams

GCSAA provides well-defined career paths for those seeking to be recognized at the highest level of their profession. Whether you are a superintendent, assistant, or equipment manager GCSAA has certificate and certification programs designed for you. These programs have been developed by members, academia and industry with guidance from professional psychometricians. Start your journey today.

Certified Golf Course Superintendent

The Certified Golf Course Superintendent (CGCS) designation is bestowed upon those who have demonstrated a high degree of knowledge in their profession. The CGCS designation is the most widely recognized in the golf industry and the highest recognition that can be achieved by golf course superintendents.

The new, modernized CGCS program is here! GCSAA has kept the integrity of the program while streamlining the process to fit today’s hectic life. If you have already begun working on your portfolio in the old process, please contact Kelli Norwood to discuss your options for completing the certification process.

What does it take to become certified?

  • Be currently employed as a golf course superintendent
  • Meet GCSAA Class A requirements
  • Meet application requirements and apply online
  • In any order, successfully complete:
    • Proctored online exam
    • Communication and Leadership requirement
    • Attesting of the golf course

Then boom, you're certified!

If you have questions, contact Kelli Norwood, senior manager, curriculum, at 800-472-7878, ext. 3614

Assistant Superintendent Certificate Series (ASCS)

Whether you desire to elevate your career path as an assistant superintendent, aspire to become a superintendent or both, begin your journey with ASCS. You not only demonstrate your knowledge as an assistant, but you get a head start on the pinnacle of the profession, Certified Golf Course Superintendent.

Equipment Management Certificate Program (EMCP)

This multi-level program elevates your career path toward becoming a Certified Turf Equipment Manager (CTEM), with each level a prerequisite for the next. The EMCP is open to anyone whose job duties include maintaining turf equipment.

Integrated Pest Management Exam

The IPM exam fulfills a Class A and certification requirement, and covers the basic principles of safe pesticide storage, disposal and application.