Step 4: Communications and Leadership Attesting

To fulfill the Communications and Leadership attesting requirement, you must complete one of the two following options:

Option 1: Completion of the “Principles of Golf Course Leadership and Communications” Certificate within the Assistant Superintendent Certificate Series (ASCS).

Option 2: Provide proof of completion of three of the four following items:

  • Write and publish an article for a chapter newsletter or GCM.
  • Volunteer on a GCSAA chapter or golf organization task group/committee; board of directors, host or participate in a First Green event, serve as a GCSAA Grassroots Ambassador or attend National Golf Day.
  • Give a presentation and document the experience by providing the date and time of the presentation, meeting outline and meeting minutes. 
  • Complete or update the facility BMP template for your course or create and implement a BMP manual.

Send any inquiries or documentation for the Communications and Leadership attesting requirement to Grace Wyatt, CGCS certification manager.