Teach for GCSAA

Teach at GIS 2021

Are you a leading expert with the applicable, cutting-edge research superintendents crave? Are you a superintendent, assistant, or equipment manager who had a lightbulb moment improving results at your course or in your career? Find out how you can teach in GCSAA's industry-leading education program at the Golf Industry Show.

GCSAA is looking for content with practical takeaways from educators, superintendents, assistant superintendents, equipment managers and other industry leaders.

GCSAA accepts proposals of many shapes and sizes to ensure the annual education conference is packed with engaging education. Formats include seminars, sessions, workshops and panels ranging from 5-minute Lightning Round Learning talks to full-day seminars.

Your audience may include golf course superintendents, assistant superintendents, equipment managers, and students. Topics range from agronomic content to environmental management and business, communication and leadership. For 2021, GCSAA is particularly looking for proposals in the following areas:

  • Assistant topics
  • Emotional health
  • Equipment management
  • Labor

The submission process to teach for GCSAA at the 2021 conference in Las Vegas,  Jan. 30 – Feb. 4, is now open. Proposals for 2021 will be reviewed by the Conference Education Task Group and notification of selections will occur in June. The deadline to submit proposals is 5 p.m. (Central) March 27, 2020.

Questions? Email teach@gcsaa.org

Webinar presenters

GCSAA hosts 90-minute live webinars created specifically for the golf course industry. Do you have a management challenge, or is there a current regional issue that would make an interesting topic for an upcoming event? We'd also like to know if you can recommend an expert who can speak on the topic.

For more information about webinars, contact Lisa Wick, senior manager, e-learning programs.

Equipment management videos

In an effort to build equipment management resources, GCSAA is seeking brief (3-7 minutes) educational videos that provide hands-on demonstrations for equipment managers, assistants and superintendents interested in learning more about equipment. This collection, called 5-Minute Fix videos, offer quick and simple solutions to equipment-related issues. Watch and submit 5-minute fix videos.

For more information, contact Lisa Wick, senior manager, e-learning programs.