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GCSAA’s BMP Planning Guide and Template is an online resource that provides for the development of golf course best management practices (BMP) programs at the state level. The need for state-level BMP programs and, ultimately, golf facility-written BMP plans for nutrient, drought, and water management and integrated pest management (IPM) is greater than ever. Golf courses, many of which are located in urban environments under the watchful eye of concerned citizens, face heightened scrutiny from the public, media and environmental activist special-interest groups regarding the use of inputs (that is, water, pesticides, etc.) and commonly held misconceptions about golf course management. It is critical that the golf industry demonstrate sustainable methods of land management. GCSAA’s BMP Planning Guide and Template makes it easy for you to follow the key steps in developing a golf course management state BMP program.

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BMP Planning Guide and Template – print version

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Get started on Facility BMP Manuals

Once your state BMP manual is available through GCSAA’s BMP Planning Guide and Template you can easily create a facility BMP manual for your facility. Access is easy with your GCSAA website member log-in using the link immediately below, then select the facility BMP icon and go. Webinars are available below to assist you with this easy to use tool.

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Developing a new and updating an existing BMP program for your state or facility can take time and cost money. Funding assistance is available through the GCSAA BMP Grant Program.

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