Supporters of the Foundation know that they are championing continuing education for golf course superintendents by providing the latest environmental and agronomic techniques to maintain healthy turfgrass and protect environmental resources through sustainable practices.

The Foundation's relationship with GCSAA’s extensive education offerings include grants from the Foundation that have provided support for the development of online webinars and sessions at the annual GCSAA Education Conference. The Foundation also supports GCSAA education’s core competencies, which ensure that the education curriculum is in sync with the current, and future, demands of the golf course superintendents’ profession.

The Foundation recognizes that an increased knowledge base is important at any stage of a career, and that is why the Foundation funds scholarships for those just embarking in a career in golf course management, works in tandem with GCSAA to provide cutting-edge continuing education offerings, and supports programs for those already showing promise of being leaders in the profession.


Scholarships have been a part of the Foundation’s focus since 1955 when the organization was first founded as the GCSAA Scholarship and Research Fund.

Scholarships funded by the Foundation provide financial assistance to students who are pursuing a career in golf course management, future researchers and educators, as well as children and grandchildren of GCSAA members. In addition the Foundation also funds continuing education opportunities for GCSAA members.

Scholarships for turfgrass students and researchers

Scholarships for GCSAA members and their families

Continuing education