Aquatrols’ Robert A. Moore Endowment Fund

The purpose of the Aquatrols’ Robert A. Moore Endowment Fund is to support applied research for optimizing the growing environment for golf course turf, with specific goals for increasing the effectiveness of applied water, fertilizers and pesticides and thereby reducing the total requirements. The goal is to develop maintenance practices that result in beautiful golf courses with minimal impact on the environment and consumption of resources.

The fund recognizes Robert Moore’s and Aquatrols’ contribution and ongoing commitment since 1955 to optimizing the turf growing environment through more effective use of water and other resources. Being the person and company that invented and pioneered the use of soil wetting agents in the turf and ornamental industry worldwide, Robert Moore, his family and Aquatrols have always had a vision that went beyond their product sales to the contributions they could make to more efficient, effective and environmentally sound use of resources in the maintenance of turfgrass and production of ornamental plants. Considering that Moore was in applied research before starting Aquatrols, and with applied research and development being of key importance to Aquatrols, establishment of a research endowment fund seems a fitting way to give back to the industry and recognize the contributions made by Robert Moore and Aquatrols.

Donations to the Robert A. Moore Endowment may be tax-deductible. Please check with your tax adviser. To donate, simply complete the form and return to the Foundation at the address indicated on the form.

If you have questions, email Mischia Wright or call 800-472-7878, ext. 4445.