Brand Refresh FAQs

Why is GCSAA refreshing its logo?

  • The logo refresh makes it cleaner, easier to reproduce and more compatible with social media and other digital platforms.
  • The branding will be comprehensive and unify all GCSAA brands and entities.
  • The unification will make all properties easier to identify as part of GCSAA.
  • The branding refresh will reflect the values and traits of the GCAAA members.
  • A stronger, unified brand strengthens our connections and increase the visibility of our members.
  • A cohesive brand gives us a stronger voice with lawmakers and key stakeholders on the local, state and national level.
  • The updated logo allows for more versatility in its use.

When will this take place and what all is included?

It will be gradual, not an overnight event. In the coming weeks and months, you are going to see a refresh of not just the primary GCSAA logo, but also updates to the logos of GCSAA programs, related entities, affiliated chapters, membership classes, partnerships, awards and more so that they have a consistent look and feel.

Is there anything individual members need to do?

Yes, individual members can also help promote the brand. A member can be a brand ambassador by simply using the logo on his or her golf course scorecard, business card, website, staff apparel and any other visible place where the public can see it.

Where can I find member logos?

Member and chapter logos are located here. (To access, you must be logged in as a GCSAA member.)