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Grass Clippings pledges support for GCSAA Legacy Awards

by Mar 19, 2024 | Angela Hartmann


Legacy scholarships benefit children and grandchildren of GCSAA members

Lawrence, Kan. (March 19, 2024) – Grass Clippings is committing financial support to the GCSAA Foundation, the philanthropic organization of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA), to fund the GCSAA Legacy Awards. The GCSAA Legacy Awards competition offers education aid to the children and grandchildren of GCSAA members through $1,500 scholarships.

Grass Clippings is a Phoenix-based modern golf brand. After forming as an apparel brand in 2018, the company expanded to include Grass Clippings Rolling Hills, the first fully lit 18-hole golf course in Arizona, and Grass League, the world's first high-stakes par-3 golf league.

“The Legacy Awards allow us to continue serving our members by helping reduce the financial burden of higher education for their children and grandchildren,” GCSAA CEO Rhett Evans said. “Grass Clippings has a deep understanding of the essential role superintendents play in the game of golf, and we thank them for their support of our members and their families through the Legacy Awards.

With its sponsorship of the Legacy Awards, Grass Clippings becomes a member of the GCSAA Foundation’s Platinum Tee Club, which recognizes supporters who donate more than $5,000 annually. 

“Grass Clippings is profoundly honored to express our commitment to nurturing the future of golf by supporting its very foundation: the grass beneath our feet and the dedicated individuals who keep it green. Through our partnership with the GCSAA Foundation and the Legacy Awards, we celebrate the heroes of the game and invest in the education of their families, ensuring the spirit and sustainability of golf for generations to come,”  Jake Hoselton, Grass Clippings co-founder and CEO said.   

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