Palm Beach Golf Course Superintendents Association donates $2,500 to support First Green and $2,500 to support the EIFG

by Mar 09, 2021 | Kate Hiebert

Combined gift maintains chapter’s Platinum Tee Club membership

Lawrence, Kan. (March 9, 2021) The Palm Beach Golf Course Superintendents Association has donated $2,500 to support the research and advocacy efforts funded by Environmental Institute for Golf (EIFG), the philanthropic organization of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA). An additional gift of $2,500 was also provided to support First Green, GCSAA’s STEM-education program. With these donations, the chapter renews its Platinum Tee Club status within the EIFG’s annual giving program. That program recognizes organizations that give $5,000 or more annually to the EIFG.

The Palm Beach GCSA is recognized in the Executive Club giving level of the EIFG’s Cumulative Giving Program. The Executive Club recognizes donors who have given between $25,000 and $49,999 since 1987.

“The association continues to grow thanks to dedicated chapters like the Palm Beach GCSA,” said Rhett Evans, GCSAA and EIFG CEO. “Their donation to the EIFG and First Green allows us to continue to support the future of the golf course management industry and the game.”

The Palm Beach GCSA was founded in 1978. It is one of 99 GCSAA-affiliated chapters in North America.

“The Palm Beach GCSA is delighted to provide funding to the EIFG and First Green. The donation brings our mission to life by helping support the profession when students attending First Green events learn about golf course management and environmental stewardship,” said Palm Beach GCSA president, Ryan Swilley. “Environmental protection is supported through new research and education when the EIFG continues to receive the resources necessary.”