Board Policy Oversight Task Group seeks input 

Per the agreement made by the GCSAA Board of Directors with the membership in January 2006, the GCSAA Board Policy Oversight Task group convened on July 10 to review and analyze the strategic intent and impact of all policies regarding GCSAA-paid support and expenses for board members.

The task group will present its findings and recommendations to the board and membership at the 2018 Chapter Delegates Meeting, Nov. 13-14, to ensure transparency in board expense and support policies.

The task group is composed of the five members of the Nominating Committee: the past president most recently retired from the board as chair of the committee and a voting member from each of the four regions not represented by the chair. In addition, the most recent past president who has not served on the board with any current board members and one member of the 2015 task group will also serve on the 2018 task group.

The task group wants your feedback on the GCSAA Board Self-Governance Policies. Information pertaining to current board support and governance policies can be found at

2018 Board Policy Oversight Task Group

Past President Peter J. Grass, CGCS (Chairman)
Jorge Croda, CGCS
Kevin Custis
Jeff Holliday, CGCS
Bill Murray
Past President David S. Downing, CGCS
Scott Ramsay, CGCS (2015 task group)

Please feel free to contact the task group via email at by Aug. 3, 2018. Remember, if you hit reply to a listserve message, it goes to all members of that listserve. If you want the message to only go to the task group, you must forward it using just the email address.

Peter J. Grass, CGCS
Task Group Chairman