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John Walker

South Central regional representative

Before joining the GCSAA staff, John Walker was a superintendent, 30-year GCSAA member and past GCSAA board director.
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Field staff report

  • Kudos on Your Efforts Through 2020

    by Johnny Walker | Nov 18, 2020
    It’s a week before Thanksgiving, college football is in full swing and Dustin Johnson just won his first Masters tournament. Also, it is 85 degrees and our 30-something hurricane of the year just made landfall. Sounds just like 2020, doesn’t it? What a crazy year this has been, but I think that the GCSAA chapters in my region have done a great job navigating through all of the obstacles that they have had to deal with, and there have been many.
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  • Annual Meetings

    by Johnny Walker | Oct 02, 2020
    The main objective of the annual meeting is to keep you chapter strong with leadership and member engagement and this cannot be achieved if you do not participate. So, I encourage everyone to clear your schedule for one day so that you can participate at your chapter’s annual meeting and let your vote count.
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  • 40 Days of Social Distancing

    by Johnny Walker | Apr 23, 2020
    I have now passed the 40 day mark of staying at home. We are now entering discussions about re-opening businesses and re-entry to our society. GCSAA is developing a toolkit that will be available soon that will help our members with this re-entry phase. I believe that many of our members have seen an increase in the value of GCSAA membership during this unprecedented time because of how our association has responded for our industry.
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  • James T Hammock, Class C, Fayetteville


  • James T Hannah, Class S, Stillwater
  • Dalton Parker, Class C, Kingfisher


  • Tyler D Bryson, Class SW, Stephenville
  • Benjamin R Greulich, Class C, Dallas
  • Riley M Mullins, Class C, Columbus
  • Dan Tharp, Class C, Granbury


  • Terry V Todd, formerly (A) at Stone Canyon Club, is now (A) at Green Tree Country Club in Midland


Upcoming events

Upcoming events in the region. This is not necessarily a comprehensive list. If you have an addition to make, please reach out.

North Texas GCSA

  • Dates: 02 – 02 Apr, 2018
  • Location: Fort Worth, Texas
  • Address: Mira Vista CC
Monthly meeting with education provided by Helena.

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